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insect inspired image processing for vehicle collision detection life-like vision for robotic navigation the LGMD neuron, with 
                          presynaptic neural networks for collision detection agents with bio-plausible neural vision models evolving in 3D world

My research interests are mainly on bio-inspired visual neural networks, biological visual neural system modelling, robotics, swarm intelligence, bio-inspired machine learning, and image processing for collision detection. The current major projects are ULTRACPET and STEP2DYNA. My detailed research interests and the research projects I have coordinated or participated are listed in Research.

Potential PhDs or Postdocs are welcome to contact me for opportunities in my group.


I have moved to University of Leicester from mid Feb 2023. Please use sy237(at) if contact me. My Lincoln email box is suspended from Feb.

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pedestrians ieee neural networks paper 2006

Full list of my publications, many with full text in PDF and DOI, are gathered here, just click the Publications. A number of papers can be directly accessed by click the above images. For the most updated list, please visit my publication profile in google scholar.


Research collaboration is always what I love to do. Please get in touch if me or my team can contribute.

Download MakeFace database and the paper here (MakeFace.Zip, paper). Archive of an old version of CIL homepage while@Lincoln 2015.

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